Ben Stevenson Shares Video For “Honeycola”

Ben Stevenson released the hazy and melancholic video for “Honeycola” today. While I dig Mr. Stevenson’s duds in this video, which looks like it was shot with a potato, I like the groove of “Honeycola” a little more. Ben Stevenson explains the following, “The video for Honeycola is about the discovery and embrace of inner femininity. A process, which has taken me a lifetime but especially, blossomed in the last few months. While feared and repressed for much of my life, it has found its way with me, pushing itself up like a blade of grass. Shooting in LA we were able to capture the natural landscape, the flowers and the trees as symbols of this. The juxtaposition of the standard “guy in the video lip-synching the song” with the unleashed beauty of the female alter-ego is a celebration of the inner woman, and the liberation she represents.”

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