Bjork Releases Video For “The Gate”

Bjork is back from the wilderness and although I can relate, I don’t find myself submitting to any other consciousness nor converting myself into a faerie made of pure energy. Not that this matters at all, so consider “The Gate” a science fiction indebted love song.

The video was directed by long-time collaborator Andrew Thomas Huang, with creative direction by Björk, Alessandro Michele and James Merry.

the gate
my healed chestwound
transformed into a gate
where i receive love from
where i give love from
and i
care for you
i care for you
split into many parts
splattered light beams into prisms
that will reunite
if you
care for me
and then ill care for you
didnt used to be so needy
just more broken than normal
proud self sufficiency
my silhouette is oval
it is a gate
i can
care for you from
i care for you
you care for me

Directed by Andrew Huang at Strangelove
Creative Direction by Björk, Alessandro Michele and James Merry
Dress by Gucci
Headpiece by James Merry
Make-up by Andrew Gallimore
Hair by Björk and Johnny Stuntz

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