Crashing Hotels Announces TSUNAMI 7″ X-RAY RECORD

San Francisco’s Crashing Hotels are a dark electric dance rock duo and they’re releasing their new Tsunami 7” pressed directly onto human x-rays. This project may sound ghoulish to some but I assure you it’s not. “Tsunami” is a track from their sophomore album Exploration Exploitation and the pressing is limited to 150 hand selected x-rays. The single pays homage to Cold War music enthusiasts who resided in the Soviet Union and who resisted the government’s attempts to eradicate art and music from their lives.

Crashing Hotels are drawing a parallel with their Tsunami 7” and now claim that the United States is a place with bare-bones support of the arts. According to the press release, Crashing Hotels claim that America is “…A society lacking invention and design looking for copycat acts who gain the most amount of clicks. This derivative culture is choking the life out of the arts and Crashing Hotels is the resistance.” Honestly, I’ve been stating the previous for a couple of years now and so I side with Crashing Hotels.

About The Song:

‘Tsunami’ is an expression of respect for the rareness of life and immense energy that struck the eastern coast of Japan at 2:46pm on March 11th, 2011. The mournful lyrics echo atop Wu-Tang like, dance production with the energy and consistency of an optimistic haunting. A song as dark as it is bright, the melody and cadence of ‘Tsunami’ is meant to emotionally inspire listeners to dance and sing along with the band, so that they as well can share their love and respect for the lives lost on March 11th, 2011. You can stream the song below via Spotify.

Check out the photos below!

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