Highly Suspect: The Boy Who Died Wolf:: Review

• The album kicks off with the track My Name Is Human; as I mentioned in a previous post is the first song that I heard from the group. Following that is Look Alive, Stay Alive; this track kicks up the energy level to the next notch. It has a punk rock rhythm and beat that is very distinct in the chorus of the song. The third track on the album is Little One, a more laid back song than Look Alive, Stay Alive but as their other songs have it has a killer catchy chorus that I can’t help but to sing along to. This song would make for a good single for radio. For Billy sounds like a song that they may have wrote for a friend or family member that passed away. The lyrics of the song are very storytelling talking about remembering the days and seeing Billy on the other side. Following For Billy is Serotonia musically the first part of the song has that “stoner” experimental rock sound. Overall this track compliments the album well. Postres is another up-tempo song that just makes you want to bob your head when listening to it. My initial thought of the next track Send Me An Angel the opening notes sounded like My Name Is Human the two songs have the same kind of vibes.

It’s almost as if Send Me An Angel is the counterpart to My Name Is Human. With the song Viper Strike the tempo is brought up slightly from Send Me An Angel. This song has very social/political lyrics that fit very well with what has been going on recently in the world. FWYT now this track I didn’t see coming. It starts with more of a hip-hop/techno beat with some synths and very reverberated abstract vocals. In a way it’s kind of a relaxing song and almost works as an interlude after Viper Strike. The second to last track Chicago I would call the ballade of the album. This song is very stripped down from the other songs with just piano and vocals. To wrap up the album Wolf just brings the album to a nice conclusion saying goodbye. I feel that this was a great song to end with; it’s like reading a book and just feeling complete after reading it. I can honestly say that this album from top to bottom is great! Bands today usually write for the single and I can tell that Highly Suspect put a lot of thought into their music and album structure. I highly recommend this album and would even put it on my top 10 of 2016.

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