Listen To Suicideyear’s Grim Anthem “Summer Hate”

“Summer Hate” is the second single from New Orleans-based producer Suicideyear’s (aka James Prudhomme) upcoming Hate Songs EP for LuckyMe. “Summer Hate” is a slow burning tune that features distorted bass tones that get sliced through by chilly percussion.

Hate Songs continues the themes laid out on “Summer Hate” and its precursor “Lagniappe (Spring Hate),” the two tracks that bookend the EP. Hate Songs was recorded between Prudhomme’s hometown Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana. The six track project showcases Suicideyear’s continued development as an exciting young producer at the forefront of futurist rap. Each song is a unique reflection of the artist’s experiences and challenges over the course of a calendar year in his home state, and is best listened to “on I-55 to New Orleans from Hammond,” says Prudhomme. Suicideyear draws from the Southern hip hop culture he was born into whilst also referencing the myriad of emotive and personal music that soundtracked his youth.

Hear “Summer Hate” above and see below for more info on Suicideyear.

More about Suicideyear:

Suicideyear aka James Prudhomme hails from the home of No Limit Records – Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His sound is indebted to his environment – menacing tuned 808 drums coupled with angst-ridden emotive synth work – inspired by early shoegaze and punk bands throughout his formative teenage years. First coming to attention via his split single with Kaytranada on Bromance in 2013, he followed with the highly praised Remembrance EP on Oneohtrix Point Never’s Software label alongside a vinyl reissue of his 2013 beat tape Japan.

LuckyMe first met Prudhomme whilst on tour with S-Type in the Louisiana – leading to numerous collaborations including a stellar reworking of Jacques Greene’s ‘After Life After Party’ and joining the crews SXSW showcases and numerous other live events.

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