The Unlikely Candidates Share Video For “Violence”

Fort Worth, TX-based The Unlikely Candidates have shared the new music video for their song, “Violence.” The video for “Violence” was filmed at the Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles and the track is the second single from their Bed of Liars EP which was released earlier this year on Another Century Records/Sony.

“Violence” was written by singer, Kyle Morris out of the frustration he felt when seeing and hearing stories of police brutality in the news. “The theme of the song ‘Violence’ is two-fold,” says Kyle Morris. “On one hand, I wrote it out of the frustration I felt when seeing and hearing stories of police brutality in the news especially the stories of Eric Garner and Freddy Gray. I have tremendous respect for the police and the pressures they are under on a daily basis but I chose to write about the outstanding incidents that seem to be happening more and more these days. The song echoes the bleak outlook of police brutality in America by personifying it as an abusive relationship between a couple. The person in the song is trapped in abusive relationship with a paranoid, controlling, and ruthless lover. No matter what the abused does they cannot seem to satisfy or escape the love of their abuser. The pressure and passion lead to an endless cycle of punishment.”

The Unlikely Candidates Tour Dates (More TBA):

July 7 @ Levitt Pavilion – Arlington, TX
July 20 @ The Peabody Memphis Rooftop – Memphis, TN
July 21 @ WBRU’s Free Waterfront Park Concert – PROVIDENCE, RI

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