Therese Lithner Shares New Track “Drown”

Therese Lithner has just released her new single “Drown” and it’s a throbbing and pulsating number punctuated by Lithner’s guitar as well as a tight rhythm section. “Drown” is taken from Lithner’s new EP, which is set for release sometime this spring via Lazy Octopus Records.

With a past in bands like Vaken and My Sound Of Silence, Therese Lithner was an active part of Umeå’s flourishing music scene in the early 2010’s. To begin writing songs for a solo project wasn’t an obvious choice or any direct plan but fell more like a coincidence. It was during a session in the rehearsal room, when it suddenly was as the 90s shined through and old childhood idols got free play. With reverb on vocals and guitar, Therese began improvising material, wrote three songs on pure inspiration and recorded them on her mobile phone. Somehow they felt different and the idea of ​​a solo project began to take shape.

After Therese moved down to Stockholm, she started playing with Andreas Sandberg (Magic Potion) in a rehearsal space south of the city. Together with co-producer Linus Johansson (Folkvang, Earthquake, Nightcraft, Old Amica, etc.), the work started with the material that now has resulted in an EP, set for release this spring via Lazy Octopus Records

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