Tigr Tigr Podcast: Episode 11:: Of Puppy Dogs and Underrated Films

Join Greg, Chris, Paul, Mike and Logan in Tigr Tigr’s 11th episode where they discuss underrated movies! Thrill as the guys discuss the following:

Pop culture update:

Radiohead concert, Junun, thoughts on Clappy and bologna sandwiches and concert etiquette

Antman & Wasp

DC Universe Movies – Aquaman & Shazam Trailers!

Aquaman Movie Poster bitching and complaining


Thoughts on Ready Player One

Titans trailer on DC streaming service

Things that I liked:

Kamasi Washington

Bob Dylan – The Copyright Collection

The Art of Solo – Phil Szostak

Comics – Captain America, Black Panther, Infinity Wars, Pringles + Logan!

Underrated Movies

The main content!

City of God

Ninja Assassin

Need For Speed

Used Cars

True Romance


Greg never learns. He started Tigr Tigr as a replacement to his other blog, Ventvox.com. Ventvox.com crashed on the very sad day of October 17, 2013 and will be remembered only as a figment of music commentary’s imagination.