Tigr Tigr Podcast: Episode 13:: Unlucky Number 13

Join Greg, Chris, Paul and Mike in Tigr Tigr’s unlucky 13th episode where they discuss The Big Lebowski and it’s legacy. Thrill as the guys discuss the following:

Pop culture update:

Batman’s Wang!
Transformers Movie Rerelease
Burt Reynolds
Bumblebee (Trailer)
Creed II (Trailer)
Dog Barks
Willie Nelson/Frank Sinatra covers

After the break, the gang discusses The Big Lebowski and it’s legacy.

Greg never learns. He started Tigr Tigr as a replacement to his other blog, Ventvox.com. Ventvox.com crashed on the very sad day of October 17, 2013 and will be remembered only as a figment of music commentary’s imagination.