Tigr Tigr Podcast Episode 2: Between A Rock and the Occult

It’s Tigr Tigr’s second Podcast! Join Greg, Paul, Chris and Mike and guest star Phil as they explore the world of pop culture. Stick around as they delve into the spooky topic of the occult in rock and roll. This week, the guys discuss the following:

The Weekly Wrap Up:
Dr. Alphra Comics

Baby Driver
Space Battleship Yamoto (Starblazers) Live Action
Mindhunters (Netflix)
Shameless/Fletch/Kevin Smith Films

Neil Young/Hitchhiker
Why today’s music doesn’t resonate

Break Occurs: 29:10-30:40 (Musical Interlude)

Main Content: The Occult in Rock and Roll
Robert Johnson and the Crossroads
Aleister Crowley states to“Do What Thou Wilt”
The Rolling Stones / David Bowie discussion
Influence of the devil on popular music
Black Sabbath
The Illuminati
The Occult Refuted

2nd Break Occurs 1:06:00

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