Tigr Tigr Podcast: Episode 666:: Heavy Metal Movies

It’s Tigr Tigr’s sixth podcast! In this revealing podcast you can join Greg, Paul, Chris and Mike and special guest Logan B. as they drop the old knowledge on the subject of Heavy Metal and Horror Movies and the zeitgeist that surrounds it. Stick around as continue their discourse the only way that they know how. This week, the guys discuss the following:

The Tale of Two Coreys

Pop Culture Updates Galore

Favorite Horror Movies!

Favorite Metal Moments in Horror Movies!

Awesome soundtracks including the elusive Horror Soundtrack!

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Greg never learns. He started Tigr Tigr as a replacement to his other blog, Ventvox.com. Ventvox.com crashed on the very sad day of October 17, 2013 and will be remembered only as a figment of music commentary’s imagination.